Turning the Page

This project was created to serve as a complement to Read + a new campaign, initiated by the Portuguese Government, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, which is assumed to be a political priority. After my search, I concluded that in most cases, especially in libraries, access to the book is hampered by existing rules and bureaucracy.

As a solution for this problem, I proposed the creation of a magnetic card, which would be mandatory in schools and maybe purchased by parents through their children but it could be also purchased online through the website that will be created later, according to the plans proposed by the campaign or it could be reached in libraries.This card would be a global card, containing all data from the reader, with a certain credit, which would allow access to all national libraries, as well as the purchase of books in places that adopt this system.

To complement this project I created a equipment/module that adopts the same system. This module will be integrated into the urban space, working 24 hours a day, the book can be purchased through the card.


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